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* 1 eBRL = 1 Brazilian Real *


Discover the Brazilian financial revolution with eBRL Token, a stablecoin created by EvoTrading. With eBRL, Brazilians can access national and international platforms directly, in addition to holding assets in their local currency, the Brazilian real.

Enjoy financial freedom with fast and efficient transactions. By sending and receiving eBRL Tokens, you will be experiencing a new era of agility and economy, surpassing all other alternatives available in the market. Free yourself from traditional restrictions and enjoy the ease and accessibility that eBRL Token provides.

The efficiency of eBRL Token allows for fast and hassle-free transactions, eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary bureaucracy.

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eBRL Token:

Unlock financial freedom and walk the path of innovation in digital transactions.

  • 01 Stability

    Ensuring price stability, market agents use the reserves held by the Reserve Manager in eBRL Token. This ensures a trusted environment for transactions.

  • eBRL Token Smart Contract is the instrument used to create and destroy tokens according to market demand. Our crypto transactions are verified by BSCScam.

  • We prioritize transparency and trust. New token creations and eBRL reservations will be audited by independent third-party firms, ensuring user safety.

  • Expand your trading possibilities with eBRL Token, which can be traded on multiple platforms. Enjoy freedom of choice and easily diversify your transactions.

  • eBRL Token is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Enjoy all the benefits and features of BSC when using the eBRL Token for your transactions.


Market Outlook

eBRL Token market is on the rise, driven by the growing demand for fast, secure and decentralized financial transactions. Get ready for a new era of digital payments. #eBRLTokenMarket










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Risk Disclosure

Associated Risks:

EvoTrading S/A - Digital - BRL (hereinafter referred to as "EBRL") is a digital asset classified as a stablecoin, which is based on the official currency of Brazil, that is, the Brazilian Real ("BRL"). When acquiring EBRL's, users are subject to certain risks and should be aware of these risks, as detailed below:

Read Risk Management

EvoTrading S/A, the company responsible for the development of the eBRL Token, intends to maintain the value of the eBRL's linked to the BRL (ensuring a 1:1 ratio, that is, 1 eBRL = 1 BRL) through marketmaking activities . However, there is no guarantee that a mismatch between the value of the eBRL's and the value of the BRL will not occur, and neither EvoTrading S/A nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates will assume responsibility in the event of a devaluation of the BRL in relation to eBRL's .

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover all the answers to frequently asked questions about eBRL Token and embark on the future of digital transactions with confidence and security.


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